About Louise

Louise Amar, an preeminent scholar, mentor and healer in the field of complementary and integrative healing, embodies a unique body of scientific acumen and complementary intuative insight. Over a span of more than two decades, she has meticulously refined her methodologies, effectively fostering a nexus of health, well-being, and personal transformation. Respected within global healing circles, she has maintained a successful private practice in New York City for the past twenty-three years.

The Genesis of a Healing Journey

Originating from Israel and a devoted mother to two vibrant teenagers, Louise's odyssey into the realm of healing was catalyzed by a personal health crisis in 1997. While residing in Vienna, conventional medicine provided no answers for her deteriorating condition, pushing her to explore the untapped potential of energetic healing. This transformative experience not only ignited her recovery but marked the inception of her journey into the science and art of healing that had resided in her since an early age.

From this turning point, she made the audacious decision to depart from her thriving international modeling career in Europe, focusing her passion and intellectual curiosity on personal healing and self-discovery. Her journey, both personal and professional, ignited a profound awakening that became the foundation of her work.

Synthesizing Traditional Wisdom with Modern research and Innovation

Propelled by her own transformative experience and an insatiable quest for knowledge, Louise embarked on a global exploration. She ventured across continents, absorbing the wisdom embedded in a myriad of healing philosophies, practices, and techniques from various cultures. Her scholarly pursuit found a collaborative platform at New York Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, where she contributed to innovative research that aimed to synthesize conventional medicine with complementary healing methodologies.

An Evidence-based, Integrative Approach to Healing

Louise's healing philosophy is predicated on a comprehensive understanding of the complex interplay between the mind and body, acknowledging the significant role that emotional and psychological states play in physical health. Employing an evidence-based, integrative approach, she enables her clients to establish a balanced mind-body relationship, unlocking their innate healing potential and overcoming a spectrum of physical and emotional adversities.

Embarking on a Journey of Self-realization

As a licensed hypnotherapist, Louise's methodologies represent an intersection between scientific discipline and spiritual journey. She accompanies her clients on a transformative odyssey, leading to profound self-discovery and the acquisition of tools necessary for a healthy, vibrant, purposeful existence.

A Living Testament to Complimentary Healing

Perhaps most notably, Louise's unwavering commitment to her craft, after dealing with woman clients for over thirteen years, who where suffering with various types of cancer, was put to the test when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymphatic cancer herself. Leveraging the complementary healing methods she teaches and mentors, in conjunction with conventional treatments, Louise achieved a remarkable triumph over her illness. This personal victory underscores her steadfast belief in a comprehensive and complementary approach to health and wellbeing. Louise's work transcends the boundaries of mere healing interventions; she provides transformative life experiences, empowering individuals with the strength, energy and vision  required to confidently navigate life’s many different challenges.