Self Acceptance As The First Step Towards Healing

Growing up I had a strong and very romantic image of myself as a Mother. That very quickly changed with the arrival of my first child.

The magic of the pain and beauty in childbirth can never be anticipated or accurately talked about, it has to be experienced. In short, we can never be fully prepared. After this amazing event, I had to face the reality and challenges of being a practicing new Mom and keeping my professional career alive.

All You Need Is Love

Our children as babies are born very dependent on us, their parents.

Meditation Practice

After recent tragic events around the world and in New York City, I am often asked how do I manage to keep centered and focused on my work with so much drama and uncertainty going on?

Happiness Machine

I love New York. I have loved this city from the moment I first arrived and as my kids were born in the big apple. The first question asked by my mother, family and friends was, “is NYC a place to raise kids?”And I would and still say “absolutely yes.”


We all, at some stage in our lives have experienced or have seen others experience bullying.  If there is one thing that can destroy a young child’s confidence and quality of life at school or even with friends out of school or in the family home, it’s bullying. It is a big deal and needs to be dealt with quickly once uncovered.

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is natural, even biblical in nature, meaning it has been happening ever since families existed and lived together.
Families with more than one child will, at some stage, have to deal with rivalry, competition, power struggles, envy, jealousy and aggressive or passive aggressive fighting between siblings.