“Louise Amar’s positive energy has believers out of both fashionistas and MD’s”


“After tripping on my street and damaging my hip, I was suffering from extreme pain. I consulted two doctors but they were unable to ease the pain. I was sent for physical therapy but the pain continued. I was then introduced to Louise Amar.
After the first hour of treatment, I was able to walk without pain. Louise did all the work – I simply laid back and relaxed. Louise is a truly remarkable and talented healer. Over several decades, numerous healers have treated me. None came even close to Louise. My advice: If you have pain, see Louise.”


“My experience with Louise’s treatment was great. When I woke up I was completely renewed, calm and full of energy. The feeling lasted for many days.”


“Louise Amar is a unique healer. Her enormous talent comes from her innate understanding of the connection between the mind and body. Few healers reach the depths that Louise does. Her own life experiences have made her particularly sensitive to the body’s vibrations and energy, and since all things in the universe function based on energy, her understanding is invaluable. As a doctor, I happily recommend Louise and know that those she treats will inevitably feel better in her care.”


“At first, I started seeing Louise to help see me through a medical diagnostic: Breast Cancer at the age of 38. She eased my difficult journey of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, but somewhere down the road it became more than that. Through her healing touch, and our time shared together, Louise helped me face fears, understand relationships in my life, and shed light on the person that I really am. Each session with her is different, but one thing is constant: I always leave feeling lighter, as if a weight is lifted off of me, as if cobwebs have been cleared away from my mind; ultimately I feel calm and ready to face the day with gratitude. I am infinitely grateful for my time spent in her care. Louise continues to help me bring about new insights, depth, faith and purpose to my life and my path.”


“Louise is a powerful healer! To simplify; your body will sing and your soul will dance. Over the years I’ve been seeing Louise for multitude of reasons, my experience have always been extremely positive! Leaving the session I often leave rested, rejuvenated and with clearer and with more positive out look towards life.”


“I’ve been seeing Louise for many years & I’m so happy I found her! She lights your path, is very understanding & gives you great ideas to work with. She is very smart & compassionate. I have received wonderful guidance from her & I will continue to do so in the future…”


“I’ve been going to Louise Amar over three years now. Louise is amazing! My life had completely change in the physical, mindful and spiritual way. Louise gave me the tools to live my life stress-free, understanding the rules of this planet and finding my own True self. I’m very lucky to have Louise as my Healer/Mentor.”


“October 2021 a month after I moved to NYC, I find my self siting in front of Louise in her clinic at the first time. I had no idea where its gonna take me, but I had the feeling that this is the start of a life changing event. The session with Louise combines coaching therapy and energy work and I had no idea how it’s work at first but I felt my body’s electricity and energy come alive and flow. Louise taught me how to observe deeply inside my soul and approach unclosing issues, some of them were so deep that I even didn’t know they exists. Step by step she guided me how to see life in a different way, a better way and how to expend my thinking. This is not an easy task it’s a long learning process but it well worth it. First, I started to feel improvement in my physical health condition when I had the best lab test results for years. And then, I see how my sessions with Louise ultimately help make me a better version of myself in every way of life, and this feeling is so liberating and uplifting.”


“Working with Louise over the last 8 years has transformed my health and understanding of the many factors that contribute to my wellbeing. When I first met Louise, she understood the health challenges I was facing. Through our discussions and her energy work, she helped me get through my medical treatment with increased energy and mindfulness. Our sessions helped me face each day with greater peace and confidence than I ever felt when I was ‘healthy’. Louise has a profound wisdom about the Divine, as well as about people, relationships, and the dynamics at play in everyday life. She helps me focus on what matters most, and how to live in harmony with others, and with myself. The energy healing Louise facilitates is impactful and I offer her my highest endorsement. ”